Too often, discussions about how people can help non-profits quickly turn to financial gifts. To be clear, your financial gifts are so very appreciated, and critical to our work! Still, if we limit our imaginations to donations and gifts of money, we’re missing out on other ways that help Coram Deo in very real ways, particularly since they only require a little bit of your time.

Caring is Sharing!

We have all heard of the algorithms that determine what we see on social media. What we click on, what we engage with determines what we see. (How many of us have bought something online, only to see ads and posts for similar products for weeks?) But did you know, that what you click on can also help determine what others see? More than just “going viral”, every Like, Share, Retweet, and Comment helps the algorithms determine what content gets seen by more people, and what content gets seen by only a few.

So how can you help Coram Deo and other non-profits with your social media use? Like, Share, and Follow! If you see a story that encouraged you, inspired you, educated you, or moved you to action – clicking Like or Share lets the algorithm know that other people just like you might want to see this too!

One click can make a big difference in spreading the word. (You can find us on Facebook!)

Sharing is Caring!

Another way you can help get the word out is by signing up for and sharing the email newsletter. Again, this seems like a small thing, but it is easily one of the most reliable ways a non-profit has to reach someone, particularly someone who shares your history or beliefs. You never know when you might connect the next great volunteer or supporter with the cause that they were looking for! (And you can sign up for our newsletter here)


It can seem trite to say “I will pray for you,” but we believe that those who follow through and actually pray can make a difference in the world that we can’t always see. You can pray for the women in our houses, for their continued recovery and health. You can pray for our staff, that they would “run the race with endurance.” However you are led to pray for us and the work that we do, we are grateful and know that it makes a difference

It all makes a very real difference

These often overlooked, simple ways to help can make a real difference to any organization you would choose to support. It’s true – no non-profit can survive without financial gifts and donations. But when you’ve made the donation, or you simply are not able to give in that way, there are still ways to make a difference.

Thank you for all that you do to support Coram Deo and its work with women in recovery.