About Us

The mission of Coram Deo is to support women recovering from addiction and abuse in rebuilding their lives and families.

We do this by providing safe, structured, sober housing and support services with empathy, compassion and a belief in the value of each individual. 


Our Core Values


We honor the dignity of those
​we serve and with whom we work.


We are professional and true to our word.


We purpose to build and model the importance of community and the value of relationship with others and self.


We provide just policies and systems that foster personal growth and self-awareness.


We provide quality services and programs and maintain ​our homes with a Spirit of excellence.

Our Recovery Philosophy

We believe that recovery is a journey, not a destination. We believe in the inherent value of each individual in our care regardless of relapse: Your value is not determined by your ability to abstain from using illicit drugs. We believe in the power of choice and of teaching good decision making. We provide the platform to make good decisions and we provide a safe place when poor decisions are made. We believe in teaching effective communication and the value of an open honest relationship. We believe in family, friendship and fun.

Coram Deo Recovery is dedicated to meeting the substance abuse needs of women through our programs. We strive to provide affordable, accessible services of proven effectiveness and high quality that embrace dignity, respect and are holistically centered.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Anyone on appropriately prescribed medication, including suboxone and methadone are most welcome here.  When used properly, medications can be valuable recovery-tools and often life-saving.   If you are prescribed methadone or suboxone, our staff will coordinate with your clinicians to ensure appropriate attendance at appointments.

Unfortunately we cannot accept resident’s whose methadone dose is high enough to cause drowsiness or nodding-off, or those that abuse or divert these medications.

Secured storage will be made available for residents. Med counts are performed regularly by staff to ensure appropriate usage.  No controlled substances are allowed in the home other than appropriately prescribed recovery-related medications, which must always be kept in secured storage.

23 Cedar St.

New Britain, CT 06052


PHONE 860.348.3486

FAX (860) 333-1264

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