Frequently asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list here of the most common and frequently asked questions we hear. Please feel free to reach out and contact us if you have other questions. We’ll get back to you with answers as soon as we can.

How many women share one home?  

Each home is different, and all of our homes are multi-family homes, so this answer isn’t as simple as you might think.  Generally each floor or unit is shared by no more than 5 women. That’s 5 women to one bathroom, kitchen, laundry area. To find specifics on each home, check out our individual houses for details.

Is there a limit on how long I can stay? 

Not at all! We encourage you to stay for as long as you feel necessary. Our recommendation is that you plan on staying for a year or more. When was the last time you lived in one place for a whole year? What would it be like to come home to the same bed, people, home and support for all that time? Not everyone can do it, but if you can, it turns into a beautiful supportive relationship with us and others in recovery.

How do you handle relapses?

When someone relapses it is usually a sign that they need additional supports. Unfortunately in an effort to keep our residents in a safe environment we are not able to allow that person to stay. We do everything we can to help them find a safe place and work with them to make a plan for next steps. If they can recover quickly from the first relapse they are generally welcomed back once they can provide a negative tox screen. At this point, we look at the recovery plan and try to make some adjustments that may better support their desire to stay sober. In the event of a second relapse we typically require an inpatient program prior to returning to us again.

What can I bring with me? 

We ask that you limit your belongings to about two large duffel bags. The space you have to share is limited and we try to be sensitive to everyone’s needs. No televisions are allowed, but you may bring your cell phone.

Are you on the bus line? 

Yes, all of our homes are located within walking distance of a bus line. Generally under one block. In addition, New Britain is a portal for the FastTrack which means expedited service to Hartford. The bus is an easy ride to the West Farms Mall, as well as other retail shops in neighboring towns.

Are you a faith based program?

This is a complicated question, primarily because there is no real definition of what it means to be faith based. The meaning of Coram Deo is before the presence of God or in the presence of God. The founder of our organization, Jody Davis, had deep roots in Christianity. In fact, the Christian church is where she found her recovery. You will find, amongst the houses, reminders of that faith and belief in the context of recovery, the 12 steps, and making a conscious decision to turn your life and will over to the care of God.

It is not our expectation that you would attend church or Bible study, but those things may be available to you. It is not our expectation that you believe in the same God or religion, but we are here to guide you in all areas of your recovery and you may choose to participate in faith based opportunities as they arise.

No matter what your faith or beliefs or understanding of who God is or isn’t, we trust that you will feel welcome and find a safe place for your recovery.

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