My name is Kathy Nguyen and I am an intern at Coram Deo. I was born in Connecticut, but my parents moved to the US from Vietnam years before I was born. I grew up in West Hartford, where I worked in stage crew for multiple musicals in middle and high school. In my free time, I enjoy working out, watching funny Tik Toks, and playing on my Nintendo Switch. I have a Bachelor’s in Political Science and Economics from UConn, with minors in psychology and public policy. I will also be finishing my Master’s in Public Administration from UConn in May 2023. I hope to move further out west in the future, to either Texas or California. I hope to work somewhere in the public sector like the Department of Justice, as I have always been passionate about social issues. I want to help make sure that the entire process is running smoothly so that the public can get the help that they need. I was offered the opportunity to intern at Coram Deo for the last 6 months through my Master’s Internship & Professional Practice program. During my internship, I have learned so many different ways in helping women in recovery to succeed. I have been given the opportunity to help be part of a growing team while creating solid policies and procedures.

Thank you Coram Deo!