Update June 2021

I wrote that part of my story 2 years ago. I had just begun working in the field of recovery and my life was beginning to take on a very different shape than I ever could have imagined.

In the past 2 years I have worked with over 100 women and children from all over the state. Supporting them as they walk through their recovery and pick up the pieces of their broken lives. There are no words to express what an honor it is to be there for women in recovery the same way someone was there for me.

COVID 19 brought with it all kinds of challenges, but also some blessings for me. As a result of the pandemic and the entire “distance learning” from all the schools, my son has now come to live with me permanently. He still has a good relationship with his dad, but he lives with me full time. I never thought I would have that again. Most days I am very, very grateful. (it’s an honest program you know! some days I miss my space, lol) 

So many doors have opened for me in the past two years, one of the women I now work for part time and who has been a teacher, mentor and encourager to me tells me I don’t have to walk through every open door, but it is sooooo tempting! I just want to help everyone, do everything, make a difference. I WANT TO LIVE. I want to make up for lost time. I want to do GOOD. I want to share my experiences so others don’t have to experience the pain I have experienced.

I am learning though, to draw boundaries and keep myself sane (sometimes) . I am learning to pick and choose where I spend my time and energy to do the most good. I serve on the NB Recovers committee and as a result of my time and connections there other doors have been opening for me.

This year will find me running for political office – the Common Council to be exact. I am not sure why I am doing it, I dont know WHAT I am doing, but I know this: When the election is over, and I have a seat on the council, I will be a voice for those in recovery. Not only in New Britain, but all over CT. I will be an example of what a life changed can accomplish.

I am proud to stand in the gap for so many who have been used and abused and find themselves discarded and forgotten. I am proud to be the one to tell them they are not forgotten, they are not worthless.

I continue to remain connected to Coram Deo and my support system there by working for them part time! This has been a great joy for me, to stay connected to the roots of my recovery and healing.
My life is amazing today – I make time for myself, for short vacations to my new favorite place: Florida; and this past Sunday I tried Goat Yoga for the first time! Check it out:

That’s all I have for now….

Stay Safe, Stay Sober, Stay Connected….

Sara P.