Next up on our gratitude list is the Community Foundation of Greater New Britain. The Community Foundation consists of men and women who are genuinely invested in our community – specifically in the non profit sector.

Over the past 15 years The Community Foundation has supported Coram Deo in numerous ways. When we wanted to hire a new position – they helped us to develop the grant request and then approved it. When there were things I didn’t know I needed to know, they encouraged me to be a part of the ED forum to learn from the professionals they brought in, and my peers in the community.

The Community Foundation recognizes the great work that comes from non profit organizations such as ours and supports our efforts with more than just grant opportunities. They provide training and resources for Executive Directors that encourage growth and sustainability. They have created a ED forum for all non profit Executives to have a safe place to share experiences, ideas and questions.

When COVID hit, they immediately reached out to see what our needs were and financed the renovation of one of our floors for isolation during the worst of it.

More recently they partnered with us and American Savings Foundation to complete some major renovations on our homes. New Driveways and Siding and Windows and Roofs, oh my!

The Community Foundations success can easily be attributed to the caring staff – always available, always ready to help, and always invested in the well being of our organization. Thank you Community Foundation for all you have done for Coram Deo over the years!