Gratitude is a vital part of recovery. When every day can feel like a struggle, and things don’t feel like they are going your way, gratitude can remind us of the positive things, the small changes that add up to a big difference.

 Recently, we saw a beautiful expression of this reality at Theresa’s House. This is what a staff member shared with us:

Last week I had [SL] write down things she was grateful for as a project. The next day, she created this beautiful colorful paper listing things she was grateful for. (seen in the middle of the tree) I told her to hang it up and use that as encouragement for her recovery.


Well the house caught on, and [two women] created a grateful tree for the 2nd floor of Thersea’s House. All the women on the floor wrote down things they are grateful for and hung them on the tree. They keep adding to it when they think of something. I thought this was so beautiful and it made me emotional. They are so proud of it!! How amazing is this!??

What are you grateful for today? What are the often easily overlooked things that make your life better?

This holiday season, we are focusing on Attitudes of Gratitude. The season can so frequently take a turn towards materialism,comparing ourselves to others, worrying about finances, wondering how our giving can best help others, dealing with family …

If you can, take a moment to make a short gratitude list or say a prayer of thanks. All of the challenges and the work will still be there. Get some perspective. Take a breath.

Find your Attitude of Gratitude.